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News Steam Allows Content Creators To Sell Their 'Skyrim' Game Add-ons
Developer Valve is now giving amateur programmers the opportunity to sell their homebrewed game add-ons via gaming platform Steam . The new update for Steam Workshop, a feature built into the Steam client that showcases the work of amateur developers, allows content creators to offer their work for free, at a set price or as a "pay-what-you-want" proposition. The cost (or lack thereof) on a … Read News

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News Steam Workshop Lets Users Sell Mods, But Only Shares 25 Percent Of Revenue
Functionality debuts in Skyrim , offers static or "pay what you want" price options. … Read News

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News Blog: Working With Valve To Build One Of The First Paid Skyrim Mods
"I was approached by Valve on behalf of Bethesda," writes one dev invited to make a Half-Life-themed Skyrim paid mod. "I decided to take a crack at implementing Gordon Freeman's crowbar." … Read News