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News Total War: Attila Mod Kit Launches With 60GB Of Data For Modders
Download the Assembly Kit today and check out user mods from the game's new Steam Workshop page. … Read News

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News Modders Should Be Able To Make Money From Their Work, Quake Dev Says
Modders should be able to make money from their work. That's according to veteran game designer John Romero, who co-created iconic shooter franchises like Doom and Quake at id Software in the 1990s. GamesIndustry International spoke to Romero recently about the issue, which has made headlines of late following Valve's introduction –and subsequent removal –of paid mods on Steam. In the … Read News

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News Surprise, 'GTA 5' Is Also A Massive Hit On PC
Though we don’t have any official numbers from Rockstar, according to places that track this sort of thing, GTA 5 has just passed the 2 million sold mark on PC, judging by the number of folks who own a Steam copy of the game. That’s 2 million in less than a [] … Read News