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News GAMING BLOG: Top 5 Games To Look For In 2015
For gamers, 2014 was a quiet year. A few good games were released, but there was nothing that really sparked a craze.There's a good chance that will change in 2015, and the wait isn't going to be a long one for some seemingly great games to be released. … Read News

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News Dying Light PC Patch Blocks Fan Mods
Techland says the company fully supports PC modding; read on for the full statement. … Read News

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News Dying Light Nets 1.2 Million Players In First Week
Open-world zombie game Dying Light appears to be off to a solid start. The game has attracted more than 1.2 million players since its release last week, according to the title's official Twitter account. That figure counts the number of unique players across PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , and PC from January 27-February 2. Dying Light was originally scheduled to also come to PlayStation 3 and Xbox … Read News