The Elder Scrolls Release

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Images of The Elder Scrolls Release

News Bethesda Says Not To Expect A New Elder Scrolls Games For A Very Long Time
The last Elder Scrolls game to release was The Elder Scrolls Online MMO in April 2014, and before that we had the offline experience of Skyrim released in November 2011. The Elder Scrolls […] … Read News

Photos of The Elder Scrolls Release

News Don't Expect Skyrim Sequel Anytime Soon
With The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim selling 20 million copies , it stands to reason that Bethesda will release another game in the core series sometime down the road. But don't expect that to happen soon. That's according to Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines, who told Dualshockers at Gamescom that Bethesda Game Studios is 100 percent focused on Fallout 4 right now. It will be a “very long … Read News

Elder V

Photos of Elder V

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