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News Divinity: Original Sin II Preview: An Ambitious Sequel To One Of The Biggest, Best RPGs Of 2014
When talking about last year’s excellent Divinity: Original Sin , I’m fond of saying, “Imagine the game you’d get if, instead of dying off in the early 2000s, the isometric CRPG genre had kept evolving through 2014.” Now imagine that the same company came back afterward and pitched a sequel twice the scope. That’s Divinity: Original Sin II . And Larian’s founder Swen Vincke has a very specific … Read News

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News Brian Cashman: The Yankees' GM Is An Iconic And Fearless Figure
Brian Cashman has thrived as Yankees general manager for two decades, and whether or not he wins a fifth ring this fall, he's already one of the most iconic and fearless figures in franchise history. … Read News