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News CoD: Advanced Warfare Sees Off Big Names To Retain UK No. 1
It's that time of year when big-name franchises chuck lengthily-titled entries onto shelves, and the games with the longest names prevail. This week, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare kept top spot in the UK charts, holding off the likes of Assassin's … Read News

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News Controlling Genes With Your Thoughts
ETH researchers led by Professor Martin Fussenegger have developed the first gene network to be operated via brainwaves. Depending on the user’s thoughts, it can produce various amounts of a desired molecule. … Read News

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News Disney, A Mobile Company
 In the central corridor of the animation building at Disney Studios there is a gold-leafed cupola hovering directly over a marble inlay of Steamboat Willie, the movie considered to be the debut of Mickey Mouse. If you stand under the dome and speak, you’ll hear your voice reverberate. To everyone else standing outside the circle, your voice sounds merely human, but to the person standing… Read … Read News