Game Of Minecraft

Game Of Minecraft

News Nintendo 3DS Hacked Using Obscure Game
Following its release in 2011, the puzzle game for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console quickly faded into obscurity. Until this month, that is, when hackers discovered that a unique bug in the game could let people run their own code on the 3DS. For three years, the Nintendo 3DS had remained impervious to hackers' attempts to crack and modify it. … Read News

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News Tate Creates 3D Minecraft Worlds Inspired By Famous Paintings
LONDON — If a picture paints a thousand words, how many does a Minecraft map generate? British art institution Tate has teamed up with the game's cartographers to create virtual 3D worlds inspired by great artworks. The environments have been labelled 'Tate Worlds' and will allow players to explore a virtual space based on paintings and sculptures in the Tate Collection. See also: 10 Incredibly … Read News

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News Block N Load Hands-on Preview: Minecraft Plus Guns
There've been a lot of " Minecraft plus ___________" games over the years, as everyone tries to snag a piece of that massive DIY pie. Sony combined EverQuest with Minecraft to get Landmark . Terraria took the Minecraft formula and flattened it into two dimensions. Space Engineers turns you into an astronaut version of Bob the Builder. Eldritch smashed up voxels with H.P. Lovecraft. A few years … Read News