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News Check Out The First Few Images From The Upcoming Fallout 4 Artbook
An artbook filled with concept artwork from the upcoming game Fallout 4 is now up for pre-order. The Art of Fallout 4 will feature detailed depictions of many characters, environments, and weapons found in Fallout 4, some of which you can see right now in the gallery below. The four images released today range from beautiful right up to creepy. Some of the later images offer a closer look at the … Read News

Pictures of Skyrim On The Pc

News GTA 5 Looks Jaw Dropping With This PC Mod
An industrious Grand Theft Auto V PC player has overhauled the game's visuals with a home-made software mod, and the results have left fans captivated. Posting on Reddit , Martin 'Toddyftw' Bergman described the Toddyhancer mod as a "work in progress" that uses a whole range of tools to introduce new visual effects. The software includes ReShade , a generic post-processing injector, which is … Read News

Pictures of Skyrim On The Pc

News Weekly Recap: Xbox One Can Do Things PS4 Can't, Fallout 4 To Outsell Skyrim
THE BIG STUFF: Xbox One Exec: We're Doing Things That "Can't Be Done" on PS4 : Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda said in a newly published interview that the Xbox One's backwards compatibility, cross-play, and cross-buy features give it the upper hand when compared to the PlayStation 4 and other systems. Get his full quotes here . Fallout 4 Could Outsell Skyrim : 2011's Skyrim was a juggernaut, with more … Read News